Fight Back Fuchsia: Collaboration with Planned Parenthood CA Central Coast

When I first thought about reaching out to Planned Parenthood I realized that it is a very big non-profit so I wanted to make it a little more specific and I decided to reach out specifically to the California Central Coast local office. After my call with Brittany and Lindsay to explain how collaborations with ALL HEART work I was excited to hear their ideas of what they wanted to do with their collaboration nail lacquer. One of their ideas ended up being the nail lacquer we released called Fight Back Fuchsia. They were so amazing they didn't even need my help choosing a color or name! 

As the most trusted provider of reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood California Central Coast promotes the ability of all individuals to lead fulfilled lives, build healthy families, and make informed decisions through high-quality health services, education, and advocacy.
Photo by: Anja Postkemper

Photo by: Anja Postkemper

I sent Brittany 6 different types of fuchsia nail lacquers for her and her team to choose from. Glitters and shimmers were mostly on that list, but they ended up choosing this amazing glass fleck nail lacquer which is the first in our collection, but not the last (spoiler alert for August). It has been described as "wearing jewels your fingertips" by Leaping Bunny Program and we cannot agree more!

Fight Back Fuchsia is available now as a single or bundle on our online shop and we will be donating $1.00 per bottle sold to Planned Parenthood California Central Coast.

Here are some great facts about this Planned Parenthood affiliate:

  • Provides a wide range of reproductive health care services to 33,363 individuals who make over 54,968 medical visits
  • Provides 6,876 breast and cervical cancer screenings. 
  • Offers pregnancy testing and counseling to 11952 women.
  • Performs over 68,576 tests for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Provides over 4,079 parents, professionals, teens, and adults with sex education and resources they need to make the best decisions about their health and to prevent unintended pregnancies - or to plan for families - when they are ready.

Let us know what you think of this nail lacquer in the comments below.

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